Thursday, 16 January 2014

The Big Year

Last Saturday I participated in the Annual Winter Bird Census as the last years, in Els Muntanyans, the natural beach of my town. There, I met several ornithologists experts, who talked me about the American competition "Big Year" and the true story film related to this competition: "The Big Year".

A Big Year is a competition among birders, with the aim to see as many birds as possible in a calendar year. Far to be a cinephile blog, I will only say that the film (2011) is a comedy about three birders who compete to beat the record of one of them. I think it's a good comedy and worth watching, and although (of course) a little bit exaggerated, many birders will feel themselves identified with these characters.

After the film, this competition started to be more famous worldwide, and now there are many Big Years around the world. Although I don't consider myself ready to compete at this level, I thought that it'd be interesting to write down all the species I can see in a year. Then I'll compete only with myself, and I'll learn to identify many species.

You can find my progress here: Bird List 2014

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